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We are dedicated to applying the most modern technology to the metal working industry to achieve a more productive chip making process.

Machine applications:
  • Turning & Boring: NAC produces a variety of precision ground turning & boring inserts available in industry standards and special radii. We also fabricate many micro IC inserts and round single point stick tools for boring like 7-degree and 11-degree relief screw down inserts
  • Milling - We grind carbide inserts to fit diverse manufacturing styles such as high shear and standard reliefs.
  • Threading and Grooving: Top Notch ® (“top lock”) inserts for threading and grooving application; off-brand and discontinued milling insert styles (i.e. Futuremill, Whisper Cutter, Lovejoy);
    - On edge triangles
    - Dog bones
    - Notch top style
  • Part off
  • Hot weld tube Scarfing: I.D. and O.D.- an extensive variety of scarfing inserts ...for welded seam tube manufacturers ...(color-coded for easy reference) which includes non-standard grades and non-standard radii for special applications.
  • Preground and qualified blanks

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